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Resinator XL

12.187,04 vključno z ddv


Our larger XL model can hold up to 7 lbs per trim cycle, or 15 lbs while doing Separation functions. Trims 1 lb per minute.

The Resinator is the only unit that features both an extractor and a trimmer all built into an efficient and powerful machine! Best design and engineering since 2011, and the XL model was just upgraded in 2019. Solventless extraction machine also – excellent engineering and longevity, affordably priced.

Save time and money by utilizing an all-in-one solution. The Original Resinator is the only solvent free extraction product with WET, DRY & FLASH FREEZE capabilities in ONE UNIT.

This means it is a workhorse extractor, and doubles as bladeless trimmer that cuts your WET or DRY trimming by as much as 85% as compared to trimming by hand.

While the custom micron screens are REMOVABLE & WASHABLE, there is no need to change the screen when switching over from a DRY run to a WET run.

• Increase quality and yields by FLASH FREEZING plant material with liquid Co2.
• Now you can BUBBLE while you TUMBLE, simply add water & ice.
• Traditional DRY SIEVE – Add dry-ice for better, quicker results.
• Utilize DRY-ICE to achieve frozen resination.
• Bladeless Tumble Trimmer cuts trim time by up to 85%.

• 3 piece set of 200, 100 & 75 micron rated Drum Screens
• 3 piece set of 200,100 & 75 micron rated Resin Collection Bags
• 1/4″ mesh Trim Screen
• 6 piece set of Anti-Bacterial Resin Collection Tools
• all Plug-n-Play Necessaries for water/gas operation
• Digital Scale
• 25, 50, 150 and 400 Micron Screens as well as ½ inch Mesh also available/ Sold separately