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Resinator OG

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The quick and easy extraction machine with CO2, dry ice or ice water, with results in high quality live resin, bubbles, dry sieving and more, it’s all in one machine. Unwanted compounds, commonly extracted and left over from traditional extraction methods, can include pigments such as anthocyanins, chlorophyll, tannins, saponins and lipids from cellulosic materials. While others are busy catching unwanted male pollen, we extract only the pure essence of botanical female resin glands from your dried flowers and plant clippings. Sift unwanted plant material, stems and particulates by dropping only the desired micron nominal trichomes through our high quality monofilament screens.

The original OG Resinator includes:
• 3-piece set of 200, 100 and 75 micron drum shields
• 3-piece set of 200,100 and 75 micron resin collectible bags
• 1/4 “mesh Trim screen
• 6-piece set of tools for collecting antibacterial resins
• All Plug-n-Play requirements for water / gas operation

Note: CO2 bottle not included

The high quality resin has a variety of uses, including: tinctures, oils, salves, topicals, edibles, concentrates.

• Food grade material maintains edible extraction standards
• Easy to load, clean and refill
• Removable screens available in 6 different sizes
• The transparent quality control lid acts as a sanitary post
• Use of liquids or gases for botanical assisted extraction

Features and specifications of the original OG Resinator:
• Capacity: 5 gallons
• Extraction of live resin
• Freeze, fracture, extract
• Tilting trimmer without blade
• Reduces cutting times by 85%
• Rotating separator
• Processing up to 3 lbs or 1500 grams of plant material per load
• Get 20% + returns in less than 1 hour
• All-in-one wet-dry-flash freezing